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I'd like to take a moment

I'd like to take a moment to speak about someone near and dear to my heart,

That's right Me. And yes I have done it in the past, with some psychadelic hip-skip-hop-be-bop hallabaloo, but now im ready to just come straight out and tell you...

I'm Me, that is all i am gonna be, and if you don't like it, i'm no longer sorry, cause I have realized that I am not a bad person, and there's nothing wrong with,

i may not listen,
i may be impatient,
i may snore in my sleep,
i may even dissapear for hours on end to play video games on my computer, and wall myself up in a cold dark damp basement with a large screen tv, but you gotta deal with it, cause it is,

And perhaps I come off a bit crazy,
but you see thats,

Maybe this is rant of selfish proportions to explain to you, that sometimes, you have to stand up for what you believe in, and today that is,

Now I would like to take a moment and get sensitive on your punk asses, and show you that I am a nice, sweet, romantic, and utterly caring individual, who loves everyone, small puppies, and of course,

Ok it didn't last long, but I've realized that too many people try so damn hard to please everyone else, that they never truly please themselves, and that's a problem with people who are nice, cause you have to learn to find a balance, you have to learn to respect yourself, you have learn to just be like,
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