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Poetry >> Truth (for the New Year)

small marine decapod crustaceans, lettuce, carrots, bean sprouts, sweet basil and vermicelli,
served with a house sauce, packed and wrapped tightly between soft rice wrappers.

rolls dipped in plum ectasy,
burning passion through my blood stream.

salad lightly tossed in soy and sesame based dressing,
quenching every last taste bud of my appetite.

dificient of heat,
struggling to slow down our tempo, making us rigid and inflexible,
yet we remain unbroken as we march on.

fine tuning our equipment to encompass the elaborate landscapes lying before our eyes,
luscious feasts imploring our appetites to relentlessly prey upon one another voraciously upon rest.

clasped together like tentacles,
smooth and fine to the touch, yet unwavering,
a tightly knit chain to keep us strong and healthy.

sliding back and forth,
cascading over a drawn-out temporal stasis of hydrogen and oxygen,
constantly searching, striving to score points, a goal.

flow from the stands,
as my hand massages the small of your back,
every inch of you electrifying my senses, causing my heart to race.

I strive to keep my heart under control these days,
for there are ways I would like to keep it racing around you,
as long as I don't end me up in the emergency room.

In the beginning,
I was energized by your presense,
your were the inspiration that kept the creative juices flowing.

I've had to take sabbaticals,
immerse myself in your essense, in order to find a new voice.

You've changed me,
made me want to be more than I thought I could be,
so I figured it was about time I praised thee.

you smile surrounds me, it protects me,
and makes me feel so damn lucky.

this isn't meant to be a sappy love poem,
but a piece of poetic flare,
a way to show I care and to show you that you still arouse the hairs all over my skin.

Your skin,
soft as newborn blossoms untouched by human hands,
our breaths, forcing goosebumps to the surface, as floral acrobats waft and glide,
slowing to a halt, on the curves and rolling arches of your upper body.

are my most famous dish,
long rice noodles stir-fried chicken, shrimp with egg, bean sprouts, Thai turnips, scallions,
all topped with ground peanuts.

If I was allergic to you,
I would still devour you,
enjoying after last bite,
as my taste buds achieve maximum escape velocity.

I would never leave,
I would stay stuck in your gravitational pull,
engulfed by your wonderful kisses,
enjoying all that makes you so,
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