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Poetic >> Inspiration (Rev for Easter)

in... spIR... RRATION.

an easter egg,
of desire,

a moment,
of ecstasy,

a temptress,
that makes me,
want to preach.

caught in infinite loops,
of desperation.

i am preaching,
i am breaching,
i am cutting open
the stomachs of hypocrisy.

no wait,

tearing the intestines,
of democracy,
from the bellies,
of politicians
who would be our saviors.

why can’t everything,
be like baseball.

embracing the
wooden simplicity,
of a Louis-ville slugger.

gazing upon the crowd,
the stare of the pitcher,
and the spin on the ball,
as it comes across home plate,
your body turns to swing...

and you miss.

well except with babies,
they don’t talk back
they just screech
they just cry
they just smile,
and want you to...

i’m in the bunny suit,
i’m hopping along with the eggs of easter,
but i’m jewish?!

yes jewish!

so how did i end up in the bunny suit?
did i lose a bet?

or could i just not explain
to the little boys and girls
waiting to sit on santa’s lap,

why santa,
had replaced his
red and white hat,
with a yum-ika

or beanie as the
kids whispered
to their confused
but quickly witted parents,
who said it was santa’s way
of being multi-cultural.


like the red sox coming back from a
3 game losing streak in the playoffs,
to win the world series!

they did it,
they fucking did it,

individuals young and old rejoiced,
as i sat with my pants unbuttoned,
a diet coke next to my left arm,
and i swear a smile on my face!

unlike dennis leary during times of war,
i didn’t have an erection, or even a cheeseburger
laying on the end of that erection,
i just had the warmth of the game,
the glow of the tv,
my monitor, and
nimble fingers,
on my keyboard.

cause when you have an evening
where you hear a person speak,
like they are just talking to you,
like you are the only one in the room,
and feel nothing more for them than...
damn that girl is sexy
damn she is hot
damn I want to have her next epic poem,
or smile tattooed onto my chest,
so the next time i have sex,

my partner could scream out
and applaud like they just touched god.

yup god.
and god isn’t cheap.

i have to pay a hundred dollars
every time I mention his name.

what would god need money for?

maybe he likes to party,
get down,
and get funky,

maybe she likes to play
by our rules,
use our currency,
embellish in our pleasures,

is most powerful,
when we spend time,
with those, we have put
the most energy into.

so grab someone’s attention,
speak simply, and eloquently.

and like god,

you may be,
that next person’s,
and they may be,
the world’s next,
Mozart, Einstein,
or Michelangelo.
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