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Oh Valetine's Day

Oh Valentine’s Day.
a nearly perfect concept,
strangled by peer pressure,
and capitalistic sentiment.

how can the idea,
of one solemn day
where a country,
can bond together
to show love,
to one another,
become a devastating blow
to even the strongest
of individuals
in our society.

to me,
it is a day
like any other,
minus the enormous
pressure of billions of dollars
of school yard intimidation
through advertising and guilt.

could it be,
that the holiday
is the one and only
"get out of jail free" card
existing in this competitive
multi-ruled game of monopoly?

consider the idea
that Saint Valentine
was attempting a coo
of the grandest proportions!

one which
for one day,
allows all single
men and women
to expose their feelings
to public discretion,
on a day,
when we all feel
the loneliest.

we can all shout
from the rooftops of 7-11s,
in neighborhoods where you
would normally be
shot by metallic offenses,
get shot by cupid’s warm defenses.

a day,
protected by chubby
cherub assassins,
of love.

and fees,
so simple,
oozing truth,
being real,
being one’s self,
for even a brief time.

i have always
been single on this day,
but not this year.

the chubby bastards
are too busy to bend time
and space to slow my day,
allow me the freedom,
to join the masses,
in scented passions
for maidens of distant castles.

stress overwhelms my senses,
brings tension to otherwise
happy relaxations,
on a day where
it shouldn’t really matter.

for when you
love someone,
one day,
dictated by
shouldn’t rule
your heart,
your mind,
but be like
any other day.

the non-single individuals,
should smile.

we have our princesses,
we have our princes,
and a single day
shared by billions,
shouldn’t make
any difference.

is overcome,
by unfortunate
as i struggle,
to warp cosmos,
breaths, strides,
towards scented delights,
while purchasing nourishment
for comedic romantic feats,
silver screen magic,
chocolate indulgence.

doesn’t deserve,
the aggravation,
only pure enjoyment.

so I kiss her,
my lips,
gently caressing,
re-tracing, painting,
etching her mouth,
permanently into my soul.

enters my thoughts,
confirmations launched,
foreign missiles fired,
all intercepting
my worries.

Italian leather,
covering unwritten
pages of creativity
and possibility.

when i am
with her,
i remember,
that everyday,
is a valentine’s day,
i will never forget.
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