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Never Give Your Life to Someone Who Ruins Them.

Never Give Your Life to Someone who Ruins Lives

Never give your life,
To someone who ruins lives,
Who takes them for their own,
Which is done often.
He loves to take advantage,
All the time.
With a sly grin,
Like a fox.

Never give you life,
To a scary life eater.
Your sweet, loving
Life will,
Never be the same.
He will make sure you never love again,
And make sure of it.
When slowly destroy you,
And then send you packing.

If you ever find yourself
In love
With a person that ruins lives,
These things,
You must do:

Run as fast as you can,
As far as you can go.
Let him go get some other girl,
The next time he tries to get
Close to you,
Tell him you’re to good for him.

Keep him away from loved ones,
But give him the,
And tell him to go.

Now go
Get a ticket,
As fast as you can,
To the most beautiful spa,
Under his name,
And credit card.

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