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F is for Flame

I sit here calling out for help
But no one hears my cries
The fire’s growing close to me
Before my very eyes

My face feels like it's melting
My hands, it seems, are too
I'm coughing from a sickly smoke
Which turns the sky from blue

The heavens once so clean and pure
Now, are clearly not
Darkened with the awful smoke
From this inferno burning hot

I spot a person, moving
Someone coming through the flame
There's a man who's yelling something
He's calling out my name

He was kneeling by my side
When everything went black
The next thing that I know
I'm in a stretcher, on my back

Just then I start to worry
and I ask the nurse who's near
"Where's the guy who found me,
Can you bring him here?"

She tells me that he saved me
That I'm lucky I'm alive
That the man, he tried to get me out
And that the man did not survive
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